Making money off porn
Do you want know what the real secret is?
Sell the BEST niche sites you can find
Quality Traffic and lots of it is crucial
Re-bills are the real King
Search Engine feeder sites or gateway pages
Concentrate on the content
Stop worrying about bandwidth
Promote a niche you're generally interested in
Always use unique or individual IP's
Trade traffic
Webmasters Guide
WebPages look best
TGP's, MGP's and CJ's are all good promotional tools

Making money off porn is easy, as long as you work hard and pay attention to the little things that really matter.

It all started when I was working as a tech support for a computer company back in 1996, and I decided to take a smoke break with a guy I barely knew. He told me how he setup the backend billing for a friend creating adult websites. I started playing around designing WebPages before that conversation, and when I heard about the money he made, I knew I had to give it a try. So I signed up with a couple of good affiliates sites and started building traffic.

I remember vividly the day a search engine ranked me #1 for "cum facials" (Alta Vista) and #2 for "Bukkake" (Excite). I checked my signups that cold morning and saw 16 for that day. Then I realized that all those people would be re-billed again the following month. Sitting on the toilet (It didn't feel that cold at all); I just knew my life would never be the same.

10-12 months later I was making $36,000 US dollars a month. Needles to say I quit my tech job and it's allowed me to live out my dreams.

I've probably sat down and taught maybe 6 people who wanted to make their living selling porn. 3 of those people are making decent money and 2 of those make close to what I am making. So I figure about 80% of you have a real shot at making decent money at this. TOP

Do you want know what the real secret is? Work your ass off for a year or two and don't give up. If you don't waste your time but instead, work on the things that really make a difference, it will pay off in the long run. Those that failed usually got a few signups and stopped working, or were lazy, or didn't focus on the important things. TOP

Sell the BEST niche sites you can find. I've heard lots of people say traffic to your sites is king, but if what you're selling them isn't appealing, they're gone.

A surfer who takes out their credit card once will generally sign up at multiple similar sites over their lifetime. High quality exclusive movie sites that specialize in a particular niche and update daily are the most sought after. You will probably only want to signup with a few affiliates at first, the ones you know that make money.

If you get too broad and try promoting "teens", or "big tits" you will find the competition tough. It's best to specialize and find a few partners that are really good at keeping members a long time. Sites that simply look good on the outside don't cut it, they have to deliver in the members area and keep them rebilling. TOP

Quality Traffic and lots of it is crucial. Obviously once you have a tour that sells, then more targeted traffic equals more money. There's no reason the sites you pick shouldn't convert at least 1 out of 1000 surfers. We've seen partners converting 1 in 100 regularly but they're usually excellent at the art of ranking high in the big 3 search engines; Google, MSN and Yahoo. TOP

Re-bills are the real King and if the tours and members area are truly excellent, you can assume half the customers who signup will generally stay 3-6 months. The power of recurring billing (re-bills) is truly amazing. TOP

Search Engine feeder sites or gateway pages should be a large part of your marketing efforts. Writing in your webpage might get you listed but remember it's the content or images you display that are going to sell it. Once they hit your webpage, their eyes will always scan your images first and then move to your text.

Here comes the work part: Original natural writing and not copying or plagiarizing is the absolute best thing you can do. Figuring out an engines specific algorithm is tough and it's always changing over time.

There are some great programs out there that can generate gateway or doorway pages to drive traffic to your site. It creates the page, sitemap and the site template for you but do your best to plug in original text. If you're an affiliate with us, we'll be happy to share a couple of programs we use.

I have always taken a shotgun approach and tailor some feeder sites specifically for a Search Engine while we try different things with Google who ranks primarily on link popularity along with the other basics.

Try to target keywords and phrases that are not so competitive. Most of the really serious porn surfers will use 2 or 3 words to find what they're looking for. Use those words in the domain name, html file names, and movie names but don't go overboard. The writing should come out naturally. If you're creating a TGP or MGP, include some original writing. Don't forget to learn what Meta tags are (Title, keywords, and description) but most importantly, do not spam and get blacklisted.

Getting a top listing in Google is a bitch in this day and age, I'll admit. Yahoo and MSN are easy, in my opinion, but overall it's an art and is always changing. I could write a novel on what to do so if you're an affiliate and want to use some of our resources contact us and we'll make them available. TOP

Concentrate on the content
Don't give away too much; selling porn is the art of teasing and leaving the surfer wanting more. Show them you've got the goods and lots of it but don't let them "get off" before they hit the join page. TOP

Stop worrying about bandwidth and hosting costs, it will only hold you back. If you're wasting 1,000 gigs in bandwidth a month and not making any money you're doing something wrong. TOP

Promote a niche you're generally interested in. If you like the content, you're in a better position to sell it. However, if it's a program that obviously sells, don't be afraid to get your feet wet. TOP

Always use unique or individual IP's when registering new domains; it's just safer with search engines. Sharing IP's with someone who has been blacklisted in Google already is only shooting yourself in the foot. TOP

TGP's, MGP's and CJ's (Circle Jerks) are all good promotional tools. Find a good script and use it to promote your affiliates hosted galleries. We are a trusted partner and submit hosted galleries to several large MGP sites weekly. TOP

Trade traffic with people promoting a similar niche, it can help boost your search engine listings, especially with Google who primarily uses link popularity. TOP

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WebPages look best using 3 consistent colors and similar fonts. Always optimize for 800x600 and generally make sure your pages load fast. Get the surfer to see what you're selling as fast as possible. That's what they're really interested in! Complicated backgrounds, table graphics, and huge flash animations don't get you much in the long run. TOP

So what are you waiting for, open up an html editor and get to work! If there's anything you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me and start making serious money now. Join Now!


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